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  • Drs. Brent and Carol Sue Carlson are top notch. Not many have a genuine care about their patients. All the doctors and staff I worked with at Oakleaf Medical and Chippewa Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine give a new meaning to patient care. They are a group of doctors who own these facilities and...

    ~ Harry S ~

  • Thank you so much!
    Dr. Carol Sue Carlson and Sissy for all your caring and compassion that you have shown me. Your cheerfulness has set me at ease everytime I walked into your office. I could not have asked for better people to help me through this ordeal. It truly has been a pleasant experie...

    ~ MariAnne ~

  • Dr. Carlson changed my life and never gave up on helping me.
    I fell down the stairs 5 years ago and broke my foot. My foot wouldn’t heal like a normal break did. The calcium was gone in my bone on the X-ray. My tendon was also torn and I had nerve damage. I went through over 70 physical the...

    ~ Julie G ~

  • Dr. Carlson,
    Thank you so much for the patience you had with me. I couldn’t have had a more caring and loving doctor as you. You are the best in the world to me. No more pain Dr Carlson, thank you again. Dr Carlson, you are the greatest orthopedics and sports medicine doctor in the world. T...

    ~ Nadine N ~

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